Carnival year 'round! I never miss a class with Krista. She has made Wukkout! my favorite cardio ever & the one class I always look forward to. Krista's classes are always fun & festive with different flags being waved around while we dance. The class is always full of smiles. She's made getting fit fun! I've whittled my waist with her wining choreographed dance moves, & have built up my stamina. If you came in feeling down, sad, nervous etc, you will leave with such high spirits! What makes Wukkout! even more lovable is Krista's personality. She has an amazing, genuine, down to earth energy & you can't help but to feel comfortable. She encourages us to be free with ourselves & dance with each other mid-choreo at times which adds the Carnival celebration aspect to the class. There are no judgments in Wukkout! Bring a water bottle, a small towel (because you WILL sweat), a flag or rag to wave & prepare to be taken to Carnival!  ~YaYa

Krista is a great instructor.  Her energy and passion is infectious!  I look forward to this class every weekend.  It's a fun, high energy workout that leaves you sweaty and sexy!  ~T.R.

Krista is a wonderful, talented dance instructor who has been my instructor for the past 9 months. She came to the Coney Island YMCA to teach Wukkout! Krista choreographed numerous dances; we learned over 25 dances. During this short period of time, I was astounded by her instant rapport with the members of YMCA, her professionalism, and her dedication to teaching dance.  Krista demonstrates much strength as an instructor; she quickly assesses the level of the group she is working with and instructs them based on their abilities. Krista interacts with the class by dancing freely around the class and with members of the gym. She speaks in a clear and precise manner, and she is always open to questions and suggestions from her students. Krista has changed my life for the better.  I believe Krista will go far and am delighted that she has chosen the YMCA to showcase her talent.  ~Sandy J.

I encourage others to participate in Krista's amazing exercise class.  Krista's Wukkout! class at the YMCA has made me feel emotionally and physically awesome. Emotionally Krista's class has helped me to cope with the passing of my mother in January 2014. In addition, this class offers peer interaction and socialization, dance routines, laughter, carnival music i.e. (calypso, reggae, and soca).  Krista is a great and dedicated instructor who encourages her participants to challenge themselves in order to meet their goals and expectations. Further, this class brings many diverse cultures of men and women together to not only Wukkout but to have fun as well!  ~Mimi P.

I love this class!!  Along with Krista's smile, her energy is motivating and the class is simply Fun, Fun, Fun!!  Losing weight can be challenging and sometimes stressful, but in this Wukkout! class, I've been able to put that behind me and just enjoy interacting with everyone, moving around, dancing, singing and just feeling amazing after the class.  With that said, I've been able to lose weight and stay focused.  I have recommended Krista's class to numerous friends, they try it once and keep coming back!!! She's awesome and so is her Wukkout!
~Celeste M.

I'm experiencing one of the best fitness classes ever in Wukkout!  Krista Martins has an exceptional ability to help you transform your body through Caribbean dancing.  This class impresses me on multiple levels; she targets all parts of the body while dancing.  I've been taking this class for the past year and the results I have already achieved thus far are amazing.  Watching your body transform by dancing makes you want more and more of this class.  It's a very friendly environment while enjoying yourself and getting fit at the same time.  Never had I expected working out to become a lifestyle for me, but because of this class, it has.  Wukkout! is above and beyond what I had ever expected.  Excellent workout from start to finish.  Keep up the great work.  Thank you for helping me get fit, Krista!  ~Monique T.

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